Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My fashionista girl

My in-laws are all in love with my baby girl. Indeed she's a joy to our hearts. It's funny how my brother in-law told his mom that our Z is more beautiful than the miztiza (don't know the spelling :) girl they saw somewhere in our village. My mom eyebrows went s co'z the girl was an absolute beauty but tito Igi doesn't care co'z for him our Z is the most beautiful. This made me laugh loud when I hear it. 

Another thing with my baby grandma is... she said that baby Z has resemblance with Dawn Zulieta (a local actress) that she really is a big fan. But when she told this to her sister, her sister became frantic and said... I know your granddaughter is beautiful but I don't think she's even close to the actress beauty. This made me laugh more, I mean lough loud!


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