Monday, May 28, 2012

Is here with her.

..with my baby. Yes, my baby got so cranky this morning specially when she found out that her beloved tito Igi left with daddy. She thought at first she'll go with them co'z that's what lola said, but to her dismay... they left without her... and so she cried and cried.

She's only eleven month old and knows a lot things. She has now five teeth, all front, three up and two down. She did not learn how to bit things really... just three days ago I think. She tried to bit me, her dad, tita's and tito. It's funny how she does it really co' she looks cute but even though we all entertained by my baby's new learned stuff, I still always here to guide her to let do what is good and tell her no to what is not, biting is not good so I told her not to do that.

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