Friday, April 27, 2012

Enrolled finally :she's going to University

I wasn't thinking about it until a friend asked me if the in-law is going to college, I really just don't care besides I don't wanna do something that would worry me. But as days goes by, then I could see how the in-law is eager to continue a degree in college and the only problem is money, this got me into asking friends if they knew some scholarship thing.  So I encourage the mom-in-law and the sister in-law to apply scholarship from schools but no matter how she tried she was not able to get it.

Until we came to our last card- the in-law took a scholarship test in one of the prestigious school and still fall short. So... as I was thinking of what to do with her the Lord put this feeling of compassion, then without asking  hubby about yet, I told my friend who is working in the university if she could enroll my sister and I will just send the enrollment fee on her bank account so that the sister in-law won't go there anymore specially that she needs mom-in-law to go with her to the school not to mention that the mom is working twenty-four-seven.

I praise God co'z a friend is giving the sister-in-law a set of school uniform and a set of P.E uniform. This really is a big help to us specially that we are the one paying for her school and of course we will be forced to buy her school stuff when school is about to start and she don't have the things she needs yet.  I praise God for the provisions she showered/showers upon us. I give HIM the glory and honor!

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