Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nanay and her best friend

Three weeks ago or more Nanay (hubby's mom) got reunited with her college best friend who'd been looking for her for almost twenty five years. This friend of her now live in Nevada USA. It's always then her ultimate goal whenever she comes home to the Philippines to locate Nanay, but since Nanay had moved to places she never get in touch with her until this year and thanks to facebook. 

The two hugged each other and cried when they finally see each other. The best friend said that Nanay made her trip complete. She gave Nanay two boxes of zachary chocolates, two big bags of assorted chocolates, perfumes, fancy earrings and a cash. She also treated the whole family to an "all you can eat" restaurant. Aside from the cash she gave to Nanay, she also gave each one of us money then she gave us another cash for bus fare.

It was indeed a great day for all of us! It was also knowing her and her husband.

the whole team @Cabalen resto-Glorietta 

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