Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best suits that expresses me

It's been five years now that I struggle what to wear specially whenever I'm invited for an event. I struggle because my clothes don't fit anymore and getting a new one is no easy thing to do as well.  This is one reason that I seldom buy   clothes. I'm just forced to do so when I needed it for a very special occasion. Being in the plus size made me look  very simple and plain because I tend to wear loose shirts and I wear a lot of t-shirts and jeans in particular.
I do envy my friends who carry themselves great even having a plus size, doing such things I think is a gift and skill. I don't think I have those gifts coz I cannot bring myself look  that great as they are. I actually wish that someday I'll be able to wear a this ultimated double weaved rouched sleeve jacket"  whose image I put below is really a very fashionable suit a woman could ever want. It actually made me fancy myself wearing this suit and walking at a high-end place or probably just drinking coffee there.
Men and women who are actually interested in having one of these suits all you need to do is visits good fashion sites who knows you might as well win a $500 worth of suits makeover.

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