Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hubby eat nothing but veggies by force!

We went to visit our newly wed friends just about two blocks away from us to see how things as married couple. We did a little chat and then agreed that we will do dinner together. We actually plans of what to eat but unfortunately we can't find any of what we have planned in the store. So my couple friend just make something to eat out of what is there in their house. Fortunately, all they've got were veggies of different kinds.

As for me I don't really care because I love veggies and I can do veggies even without rice or meat. Only one person was not totally happy of  what happen and that person was hubby. Though he ate more than I expected probably because he doesn't want our friends to think not good of him :).

I was happy to see hubby eating veggies though when we got home he ate a lot of bread, but still he has veggies nutrients intake. I am thinking of going back to my friends house again for dinner and hoping that they'll serve vegetable to us again. Lol!

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