Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashion and Friends

I knew this lady who is really into fashion, and she actually look good.  It's just bugged me that how come I just can't dwell in. I rather have a simple lifestyle than being always running after what's new. Withe friend of mine and all the she wears really look good on her, what I don't like is the phrase that goes "ooh, I don't have money!" , but we just saw her with this new stuff and yet she declares that she don't have any cash. What would you feel then? pity or annoyance? you decide.

But I have other friends also who really could sustain or support themselves with all these  stuff or style and all I could feel is.. wishing I have the taste of fashion just like them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Would see my friends today!

We are not going home tonight, hubby and I are staying here at the office and would go home tomorrow afternoon. I've been away with the people I love to be with for about sometime and I am so glad that we are staying because it means that I could see them.

I'm having a coffee fellowship with one of my friend tonight and I am excited to do it with her. Hopefully I would see the others as well tonight because I won't see them any more after tonight because I will not come till next week or the other week again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Will Have a coffee bonding with my friends

Just a while ago I have posted on my fb shoutout that I am free tomorrow night for a coffee bonding with friends.  We haven't seen each other for awhile now, though we live close to each other but our busyness don't permit us.  I actually  I thought that I would be fine when we decided that we'll gonna live an hour away from everybody.  At first yes when all is doing great, but when times of aloneness just like today... I just realized that no matter where I live I still need the support and craziness of my friends.

I haven't told hubby about my idea about tomorrow but i am in great hopes that it won't matter to him. Anyways, I have stayed here in our house alone for three days now, and I think I need some friends lovin'.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Missing everyone!

I honestly miss all my friends and our trips to places together.
We actually used to go out of town when life was simpler: no work to think about, no kids and a lot more nothings.
But not anymore  though now because things have change, everything is needed to consider, most of our couple friends has kids now, and having kids means harder getaways. We need to consider the place, the weather, more cars to rent, health, food and most specially the budget.
Unlike before... if we think of going... we just go without considering other things.
I wish that time would come that we'll see each other again and just do carefree things just like the old days.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Friends

Friends are our precious possessions ever. If not for them, we will never be here today, I mean life would be very sad and gloomy. They were the one who helped us during our times of needs and they were the one who cheer us up when our days are blue.
As for me... I can't go out of town without friends, because it's crazy and more fun when they are around. Always been to places always with friends, and it was all good!